Cookie Regulations

Cookies are short text files that are stored in your browser by the websites you visit. They do not connect to your system, and do not make any harm to files.

Cookies can be permanent or temporary. Permanent cookies are stored by the browser until a specific time provided that the user does not delete them beforehand. Temporary cookies are not stored by the browser, and they are deleted automatically as soon as the browser is closed.

In order to make our website work as efficiently as possible, we use cookies too. By using cookies we can recognize returning users, and collect data about the behaviour of our users, for example the country in which you have visited our website, what browser and operating system you use, what your IP address is, what pages you have visited on our website, what features you have used, etc. We do not collect data for personal identification though, unless you give them explicitly. We use the collected data only to improve our website, analyze the visits on our website and tailor our marketing strategy.

Should you not agree with our cookie policy, you can disable cookies in your browser’s settings. Please note that this might restrict or prevent the usage of some services on our website.